Social Responsibility


RCD is a company with sustainable operations taking into account the interests of diverse groups with which it has relationships.

We look for sustainability and the preservation of the environment through our activities, looking to minimize the social and environmental impact that might be generated in its setting, contribute to the development of our country and enhance the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations.

Within our operations we foster recycling actions, through ecological consciousness involving our personnel, their families and our guests.
We hold the following certificates through our operations:

2017 Results


Support for over

5,000 families

in vulnerable situation and affected by natural disasters.


Over 3,000

children benefited

in partnership with foundations in the cities where we are present.

Sea Turtle

Protection Program

this year we protected 35,275 eggs and freed over 29,000 offspring.


  • RCD Foundation Privacy Notice

    RCD Foundation Privacy Notice

    Integral Privacy Notice

    Fundación RCD A.C, civil, nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, design, integration and implementation of public and private efforts that accomplish an improvement in the quality of life of people that make up the community, sector sor regions of scarce resources or vulnerable groups by age, sex or disability, therefore for us maintaining privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is very important for us.

    The present privacy notice (“the Notice”) clearly describes how and for which purposes we treat all personal information (the “Personal Information”) that you supply (“the Treatment”). The Treatment that we give to your personal Information is adjusted to the Federal Personal Information in possession of particulars Law (the “Law”), its ruling (the “Ruling”), and the guidelines of the privacy notice (the “Guidelines”).

    The terms in capital letters included in this notice are understood referred to the definitions contained in the Law, the Ruling, the Guidelines, or those established in the present notice.


    The responsible of the Treatment of your Personal Information is Fundacion RCD with address at Boulevard Kukulcán, Kilómetro 14.5, Zona Hotelera, Postal Code 77500, in Cancun, Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo, Mexico.


    We obtain your Personal Information when you provide it to us personally, via telephone, via electronic media and through any other source expected and allowed by the Law.

    The information we obtain includes: name and last name, personal domicile, personal telephone number, personal electronic mail address, copy of your official ID, number of the mentioned official ID, Unique Population Registration Code, nationality, Federal Contributors Registration, account number and credit or debit card number. 

    We do not gather data that reveals aspects that may originate discrimination like race, health state, genetic information, religious, moral and philosophical beliefs, political opinions, or sexual preference (the “Sensitive Personal Information”).


    The Personal Information ontained is treated for the following purposes (the “Purposes”)

    1. Securing donations
    2. Sponsorship programs
    3. Billing processes
    4. Communication of programs and campaigns. (education quality, improvements in quality of life, youth protection and health-nutrition)
    5. Unique and recurring donations
    6. Invitations to campaign and new program presentations
    7. Volunteer work
    8. Database generation


     Your personal information will not be transferred, except with your express consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may transfer your data, even without your consent in cases expected by the Law, the Ruling and the Guidelines.


    The protection of Personal Information is guaranteed and the information is protected by administrative, technical and physical security measures to avoid its loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or unlawful disclosure.


    You have the right to request access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of your personal information (the “Arco Rights”). Furthermore, you have the right to request the revoking of granted consent and limitation in the use of Personal Information.

    To exercise your rights you will need to send an email to so we may send you a request format which you will need to fill out and return to us using the same electronic medium. You can also execute this process personally at our offices.

    For safety reasons and according to the Law, it is mandatory that every request is accompanied by the information that allows us to corroborate the solicitor´s identity, and in its case of its legal representative. Consequently your request must be accompanied by the following documentation:

    1. Request format properly filled and signed;
    2. Simple copy of the holder´s identification
    3. If acting through a legal representative, simple copy of the public scripture in which the power of the legal representative is expressed and a simple copy of the legal representative´s identification.
    4. Address, telephone number and email address;
    5. Acceptance or denial of email contact
    6. Clear and precise description of the personal information in regards to which you wish to exercise your Arco Rights.
    7. If applicable, indicate specifically which information needs to be corrected and how it should be correctly read.
    8. If applicable, express manifestation to revoke consent to the treatment of your personal information.
    9. Any other information that will allow us to identify your personal information.

    We inform you that we keep record of all presented requests. Also, if the presented request is incomplete, we have the right to request the missing information.

    The solicitor guarantees that the personal information provided is exact, complete and real. In consequence, the solicitor holds himself accountable for any damage or prejudice caused for falsehood or identity impersonation.

    We will process your requests in time and form as per the Law and its Ruling. We commit to provide a response within 20 (twenty) business days from the moment of receiving the request. This term might be extended for up to 20 (twenty) additional business days so long as this is due to justified cause and the holder is notified.

    In case of requesting access to your personal information, these will be supplied electronically. In case of expressly requesting it, they will be sent to your domicile in a simple copy.


    You have the right to revoke your consent to the treatment of your personal information. The procedure, requirements and contact information to revoke your consent will be the same as the previously established procedure to exercise your ARCO Rights.

    If you do not manifest your opposition to the terms presented in this notice, it will be understood that you have granted your consent to them.


    From time to time and in accordance to the Law, Fundación RCD, A.C. can modify or update this notice. In that case you can review any update via our website in the following address


    If you have any doubts regarding the present notice, the treatment of your Personal Information or your rights, please do not hesitate to contact our Deputy in charge of Personal Information protection by calling or sending an email to the following address:

    I accept the privacy notice, consent and expressly authorize that the personal information that I provide will be treated in accordance to the terms and conditions of the foregoing.

    Name and signature of the personal information holder.